Glass Fiber Boards

Board 35x50

Electricity Distribution Panels
Product Code: Pano 35x50
Product Information
Product Code Pano 35x50
Dimensions 350 x 500 x 170 mm
Weight 5,85 KG
Volume 0,03 m3
Box Quantity 2
Carton dimensions 355 x 505 x 350 mm
Box Volume 0,06 m3
Body Thickness 3-5 mm
Raw Material Feature Thermoset polyester reinforced with glass fiber fabric
Quality standards EN 61439 / EN 60670-1 / EN 62208
Degree of Protection IP 65
Maximum Flap Angle 210
Surface Electrical Resistor 10″ Ohm IEC 60093
Toxic Feature halogen free
Colour RAL 7035 - color options available
Chemical Resistance Full Protection Against Acids and Bases
Corrosion Resistance High Resistance to Adverse Weather Conditions
Temperature Resistance -40℃ / +100℃
Cover Gasket Type EPDM Gasket / PU Foam Gasket (On Request)
Number of Hinges 2 Pieces
Lock Type Standard Triangle Plastic